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Choose natural silence, in natural environment

Sit down. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Relax.
Why to run all the time ?

Have u ever imagine, what's it like just wake up to hear nothing ?
Nothing, but firewood burning in the fireplace in the living room.  You may sense the primitive feel of warm, safety and something from the very past/ back to basics. Or take a few steps and be outside - still hear nothing ?
Nothing, but feel the nature, with all your senses:
•    smell and breath chilly, fresh, pinewood air
•    see the nature in all colours, with wild animals and berries, mushrooms, depending the time of the year.
•    feel to be the same with surrounding nature. Swim in the pure freshwater lake, roll yourself in the snow or just sit in the outside campfire. By your self. Relax.

To pursuit the total free and relaxed time in Cottageholidays,
you may order the cottage from us without television and internet. We may also keep your cellular phone and other connecting equipments, while being in the relaxed environment. This is amazing experiment, even after 2 days. Welcome to try.
This is not a new thing. Its the thing, we have passed without noticing.

Welcome !


To Airport: 45 km

To Railway station: 25 km

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