There’s always something going on in the nature!

You’re always welcome, no matter what the season. In addition to summer, the most popular holiday season, our customers visit us in the spring as well as autumn, when picking berries, hunting and mushrooming is highly popular.




There are lots of different species of fish in the lakes such as pikes, perches and vendaces. Whitefish, trout, pike-perches and breams are also in good supply. Cottages are equipped with basic fishing equipment with no extra charge: hook and line fishing rod, fish trap.




We are situated near the Kolovesi National Park. You can rent a kayak or you can go with your own kayak to the Kolovesi National Park. In the summer there is a lot of kayaks and hikers from around the world. Driving a motor boat in the National Park area is prohibited.



Our estates are mainly covered in pinewood forests. And where there are pinewoods, there are usually plenty of mushrooms.




Lingonberries and blueberries grow in our pine forests and you can find cranberries in the marshes. Our customers are given maps of the area and get the best tips where to find most berries directly from the owner.




We offer our customers the possibility to hunt small game such as hares and forest poultry on the estates land. Hunting must always be arranged in co-operation with the owner. In addition, we offer our customers the possibility to take part in elk hunt with our local hunting club.